"Juicy Fruit"- Mtume

GOTW 2.16.png

This week's "Groove of the Week" comes form the iconic and frequently sampled "Juicy Fruit" from Mtume. This single was featured on their 1983 album by the same name. Although they are electronically sequenced drums, the pattern can be played on a drum set with some minor modification.

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"Look-Ka Py Py"- Zigaboo Modeliste

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Taste some that NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana) funk this week as Joseph "Zigaboo" Modeliste grooves you to sleep on "Look-Ka Py Py" . This single is from The Meter's sophomore album "Look-Ka Py Py" (1969), It almost has a linear approach to it but syncopation between the bass and drums is what made the groove lock from The Meters.

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"Mushanga"- Jeff Porcaro

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This week's Groove of the Week" come from the legendary Jeff Porcaro. The song is "Mushanga" from Toto's album The Seventh One (1988). It has a linear-esque half time groove where touch and dynamics really make it come to life.

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"Express Yourself" - James Gadson

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    This week's "Groove of the Week" features the one and only James Gadson. It comes from a 1970 hit "Express Yourself" by Charles Wright and the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band. One of the most sampled grooves in Hip-Hop. Be sure to put a light "swing" on the sixteenth notes in the Hi-Hat pattern.

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expressyourself album.jpg

"Money"- Nick Mason

     Here is a classic from Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" (1973) album titled "Money". You get to hear Nick Mason lay down a simple, yet tasteful 7/4 groove. The song eventually warps into a 4/4 groove but the first half is in 7. I have also attached a "simplified" notation for those that do not like to read triplets with rests. Just keep in mind that the the eighth notes are "swung" in the simplified version.

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Download Simplified Version Here 

"Pontoon"- Seth Rausch

Check out this tasteful groove on Little Big Town's 2012 summer anthem "Pontoon". You hear Seth Rausch mixing it up with the off-beat hi hat pattern to keep tasty.

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"Two Step"- Carter Beauford

Check out Carter Beauford  laying down one of the staple drum patterns of country music, the "train beat". You can hear a perfect example on Dave Matthew's hit "Two Step" from his album Crash (1996). You are probably not gonna make it in Nashville as a drummer, if you can't play a solid train beat.

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"Real Love"-Mary J Blige

Check out this "foot workout" from Mary J. Blige's debut album (What's the 411?-1992), and 2nd single "Real Love". This track was produced by the legendary Cory Rooney. 

Download the .pdf here

"Sweetest Taboo" Dave Early

This week's "Groove of the week comes from the lovely Sade. You hear Dave Early on drums from her 1985 hit "Sweetest Taboo" (Promise 1985). If you want to challenge yourself, check out the groove with some of the shaker rhythm added to the hi-hat.

Download .pdf here

With Shaker .pdf

"Zealots"- The Fugees

Check out this tasty groove from the Fugees' sophomore album The Score (1996). The Hip-Hop supergroup that emerged in the mid 90's featuring Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean, and Pras Michel. This groove is track 3 titled "Zealots" and was produced by The Fugess and Jerry"Wonda" Duplessis. Funky Footwork!!!

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"Funky Drummer"-Clyde Stubblefield


     Heaven got much funkier February 18, 2017, so I had to pay homage to a legend this week with one of his quintessential grooves. This week's Groove of the Week comes from a pioneer of Funk Drumming, Mr. Clyde Stubblefield on one of his most sampled drum patterns "The Funky Drummer" from James Browns 1970 album In the Jungle Groove. I have included the main groove, a common variation that he uses and the solo groove. Don't forget the slight lilt in the sixteenth notes on the hi-hat.  Download the .pdfs below.

Main Groove


Solo Groove


"Ride"-Joshua "Josh" Dun

This groove of the week comes from a pattern laid down by one of the most tasteful and energetic modern day drummers, Joshua "Josh" Dun of 21 Pilots. The song is "Ride" from the album Blurryface (2015). Be sure to keep the kick fat and the sixteenth notes swingin'.

Download the .pdf here

"10,000 Emerald Pools"

     Check out this tasty groove featured on Borns "10.000 Emerald Pools" (Dopamine 2015).  The track was produced by  Jack "Kennedy" Herkel and features some nice foot work for the groove. Be sure to keep all the notes fat and even on the kick and recognized that the hi-hat/shaker rhythm has a hint of swing in the sixteenth notes.

Download the .pdf here


"Dukey Stick"-Ndugu Chancler

      This week we take it back to the 70's with a George Duke hit titled "Dukey Stick" from his 1978 album "Don't Let Go". Mr. Leon "Ndugu" Chancler is playing drums on this recording and his unique approach to playing the hi-hat can be heard throughout the recording. I focused on the first 8 bars of the main groove which begins at 0:20 and ends at 0:32. He plays numerous variations of the pattern throughout the recording but they are only slightly altered from what you see pictured.  I have included the full track here but check out the @pocketprotechtours Instagram page for the concise clip.

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