Austin Marshall- Artist Management

Austin Marshall is a manager and artist developer for Startstruck Entertainment. Starstruck Entertainment is comprised of Starstruck Studios, Starstruck Management, and Starstruck Writer’s Group. 

Pocket ProTechTours: How long has music been a part of your life and when did you know it was going to be a significant part of your life?

Austin Marshall: Music has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. I started playing drums at 10 years old when my uncle gave me his 69’ Ludwigs and I have been playing them ever since. Music started out as a dream when I was young, but when I got to college and started to make some decent money from playing, I could see that it could potentially become a career. However, it did not become clear to me until I moved to Nashville

Pocket ProTechTours: What are you current projects or endeavors?

Austin Marshall: I personally manage Maggie Rose, the Morrison Brothers Band, and a new Pop act Nodaway. In addition, I am on the management team for Starstruck where we work with artists such as Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John King, Cale Dodds, Post Monroe and many other acts.

Pocket ProTechTours: How did you get involved into management?

Austin Marshall: While I was in high school and college, I was playing drums in many start-up bands where I had to do all the promoting, booking and marketing. I did a radio show while in Mississippi and I was the founder/creator of a music festival so I saw many sides of the music and business process. When I moved to Nashville, I got involved in the world of publishing. When you are a music publisher and working with multiple songwriters, you are managing them in a sense. Therefore, it was a smooth transition to the actual role of a manager.

Pocket ProTechTours: How would you define the role of a manager?

Austin Marshall: A manager does the “big picture” stuff. The manager oversees every aspect of the career and works with the booking agent, publicist, publisher, and many others to ensure that everything is moving in the right direction.  A manager should do absolutely anything and everything to keep the machine rolling. There is never a dull moment and nothing monotonous about the job.  

Pocket ProTechTours: What do you enjoy most about your role as a manager?

Austin Marshall: I enjoy watching talented individuals live their dreams and find success on their musical journey. Also, being able to travel the world, meet really great people, and go to cool events.

Pocket ProTechTours: What is your least enjoyable aspect of being a manager?

Austin Marshall: There is a great deal of pressure and challenges that comes with the multitude of responsibilities. In addition, my favorite part of getting to travel is also my least favorite part, it can be tiring.

Pocket ProTechTours: What have been some of your memorable moments of being a manager thus far?

Austin Marshall: There are so many great moments in watching an act succeed, or to see a song gain momentum and take off. There is much joy to being a part of something that is greater than you are. Having one of your acts get a number one record on the charts never gets old.

Pocket ProTechTours: What is your advice for aspiring managers?

Austin Marshall: My advice would be to wear many hats and be hands on. There is never a task too small or too large. In addition, believe in yourself and believe in your gut when you see talent or an artist that you want to get behind.

Pocket ProTechTours: How long have you been in Nashville and what inspired you to move there?

Austin Marshall: I have been in Nashville for 6 years and I moved here because it is Music City. There is a melting pot of the best musicians, best song writers, and best studios in the world.

Pocket ProTechTours: What is your favorite part about Nashville so far?

Austin Marshall: I love the people, the food, and the abundance of talent in the city. Furthermore, I enjoy the camaraderie amongst the talented individuals.

Pocket ProTechTours: What is your least favorite part about Nashville so far?

Austin Marshall: The traffic

Pocket ProTechTours: Where is your favorite place to eat in Nashville?

Austin Marshall: That is the toughest question you have asked me so far. If I had a guest in town that wanted to “taste Nashville” I would take them to Hattie B’s to get some hot chicken.

Pocket ProTechTours: What is your favorite place to hang out in Nashville?

Austin Marshall: Red Door East

Pocket ProTechTours: What advice do you have for the next generation of musicians?

Austin Marshall: Be yourself, follow your instinct, and don’t chase radio, let radio chase you.

Pocket ProTechTours: What is one thing you would like to see improve about the music industry?

Austin Marshall: I would like to see the labels let the artist be themselves.


Social Media/ Website

Maggie Rose

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Marina Arsenijevic- Music Composition

     Marina Arsenijevic (arson-nee-vitch) is a Serbian/American, international award-winning pianist and composer. She is also the star of the Emmy-nominated Public Television program, “Marina at West Point: Unity through Diversity.” which has been broadcast to more than 180 Million viewers with over 450 airings by PBS Stations all across the country.  The Concert was recorded live at West Point’s historic Eisenhower Hall and continues to be broadcast all across the country through 2017.

    Marina has won six international piano competitions. Her recordings of classical and original compositions have sold over 1 Million copies worldwide. Marina’s compositions reflect her experiences of suffering caused by widespread ethnic strife. She has focused on transforming different musical genres and styles by seamlessly blending diverse cultural and ethnic rhythms with traditional classical themes and techniques. Her music has been described as "unique to the ears yet familiar to the soul."


Pocket ProTechTours: What are you current projects or endeavors?

Marina Arsenijevic: I’m currently working on orchestration for my composition "Tesla's Rhapsody" for piano and orchestra inspired by Gershwin's “Rhapsody in Blue”. I used traditional themes from my homeland with a modern spin. I have been performing the solo piano version, which I performed at the premier of the documentary about Nikola Tesla in New York City.


Pocket ProTechTours: How long has music been a part of your life and how did you become inspired?

Marina Arsenijevic: I became enamored with the piano at the age of 4 when I first saw one being played by the accompanist in my ballet class. I then relentlessly started collecting miniature pianos of all types and sizes. After my collection grew to over 100, I finally convinced my beleaguered parents to buy me a real piano at the age of 6.  The piano immediately took charge of my life and I was permanently captivated by the instrument. I was perfectly content to practice all day long, to the relieve my parents

     I was only 9 years old when I made my debut solo concert in Belgrade in front of an audience of 2000, performing compositions by Chopin, Beethoven and Brahms. I studied with some of the world's great piano masters from Yugoslavia, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Germany and Russia including Professors Tamas Vasary, Konstantin Bogino and Nevena Popovic. 


Pocket ProTechTours: How did you get involved into composing and when did you write your first composition?

Marina Arsenijevic: I was trained as classical pianist and had my awards and concerts as a pianist. When the civil war started in former Yugoslavia I’ve realized that I have a voice true my music and that was the time when I started to combine diverse cultural melodies with varied ethnic rhythms, regardless of their conflicted history to show our common humanity.

    I craved peace and unity in the face of ethnic extremism. As a result, I developed my hallmark "Unity In The Face of Diversity" and immediately applied my vision of unity and hope to my compositions, creating a new style of the ethno-classical genre.

     On the last day of bombing in June 1999, I introduced my new composition "Kosovo" at the National Museum in Belgrade.  As I played the deeply interwoven Christian and Muslim melodies of “Kosovo" with tears flowing down my face, I noticed that the audience also began to weep as everyone in the concert hall realized that Yugoslavia, as a united multi-cultural nation, was no more. The composition helped me and the audience to heal and that was the beginning of my composing life.


Pocket ProTechTours: What is your approach to composing music?

Marina Arsenijevic: I have music theme in my mind and I first right-down and then develop at the piano. My compositions are usually like vignettes that are usually around 5 minutes long.  


Pocket ProTechTours: Who are some of your favorite composers?

Marina Arsenijevic: Since I'm coming from classical background I always admired Chopin, Rachmaninov and Franz Liszt. From contemporary composers I love Freddy Mercury. 


 Pocket ProTechTours: What is your favorite composition /song/piece of all time?

Marina Arsenijevic: Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody


Pocket ProTechTours: What has been your most memorable performance thus far?

Marina Arsenijevic: Every performance is special and brings new experiences and new audience that inspires me, but Iif I had to choose one the concert that was filmed for Public TV (PBS ) with 120 members of West Point Band and Glee Club. 


Pocket ProTechTours: What is your least favorite part about the composing process?

Marina Arsenijevic: When I see blank paper and I can’t write I single note. Some composers and creators call it “writers block”.


Pocket ProTechTours: Do you think composing would be harder or take more time if you did not play piano?

Marina Arsenijevic: Yes, certainly. I see myself as primarily a pianist and composing for me is to express myself about the world around me true music.


Pocket ProTechTours: Who are some women that inspire you?

Marina Arsenijevic: I would say that Clara Schumann is one that has inspired me the most. She is one of the first female pianists and composers that has composed a series of small pieces. Her life was not easy having 6 children and famous husband composer Robert who is always living in the realm of imagination. That does not go together with composing.The man who both inspired and hampered his pianist-wife’s creative career, as did her ultimate need to support six children.


Pocket ProTechTours: Do you feel like your gender plays a significant role in the opportunities or treatment that you receive in the music industry?

Marina Arsenijevic: There is significantly more woman that study piano then men but very few female pianists decide to stay on stage.  They often choose teaching but not performing. I believe that women create their own limitations, which in many instances are not associated with treatment or opportunities.


Pocket ProTechTours: What advice do you have for the next generation of aspiring composers?

Marina Arsenijevic: Write every day, lock yourself away in a room and keep writing and find yourself true this process.


Pocket ProTechTours: Do you have any special advice for aspiring musicians or composers who are women?

Marina Arsenijevic: You need to dream and dream big. Follow your inner voice and don't be distracted by the crowd around you. You need to be focused and follow your dreams.


Pocket ProTechTours: What brands/companies help make up your sound?

Marina Arsenijevic: I have been working for quite some time with company Ringsidecreative( as well as with several orchestrators/arrangers from NYC.


Fun Five

Favorite Song- Billy Joel-New York State of Mind

Favorite Food- Italian

Favorite Place You’ve Lived/Visited - New York City

Most Awkward Moment on Stage: I forgot the ending of my own compositions

Favorite Thing to do when you are not playing or composing- I love fashion


Social Media/Websites

For more info about Marina go to:

Instagram @marinainamerica

YouTube @ MarinaAtWestPoint


Shedrick Williams-Audio Production

 Shedrick Williams is a drummer, songwriter, and producer originally from Central Islip, New York but has been in Raleigh, NC for the last 17 years. Shedrick currently play drums for Liquid Pleasure, Love Tribe, Julie McKnight, Jason Adamo Band and he is a freelance drummer in Raleigh and surrounding areas.  He has been drumming for 27 years and producing for 14 years.


Pocket ProTechTours: What got you into the world of production and recording?

 Shedrick Williams: I got involved with production for the opportunity to create and control the means by which I create music.


Pocket ProTechTours: What software and equipment do you use for your production?

 Shedrick Williams: I use Pro Tools and Logic for software, M-Audio interfaces, and I use a great deal of live drums, keyboards, and guitars in my production process because you can’t beat the feel and sound of real instruments.


Pocket ProTechTours: What genres do you produce or feel comfortable producing?

 Shedrick Williams: I deal mostly with R&B, and Hip-Hop, but I am also able to do Rock and Pop.


Pocket ProTechTours: How would you describe your approach to producing?

  Shedrick Williams:  I would describe my approach as bridging the gap between a dream and reality. The overall goal is to bring the music to life which people can feel and use relate to others.


Pocket ProTechTours: Do you currently have music available for purchase?

 Shedrick Williams:  I have an EP coming later this year titled “The Kitchen.” I chose that title because the kitchen is a place where you put together meals. I want to take a “taste” or a little bit of everything and try to blend it together underneath one umbrella. It will be a project that musicians, producers and everyone can enjoy.


Pocket ProTechTours: Who are your most admired producers and songwriters?

 Shedrick Williams:  I really don’t have a favorite because I appreciate the diversity and everyone’s unique sound. However, as a producer and a song writer you got to love Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson and Ray Charles.


Pocket ProTechTours: What is your advice for new and aspiring producers?

Shedrick Williams:  Learn to love the process. A lot of times we forget that when we are exposed to music, we are getting the completed vision and finished product. So when some individuals begin experimenting in the production world and the process or outcome is not what they expected, they tend to lose their way. If you learn to love the process, you will be motivated from the heart and passion of producing and the outcome will have less of an impact on how you view or treat the craft.

 Here are a few snippets of Shedrick's "Hero"- All Instruments and vocals done by Shedrick.

Pocket ProTechTours: How can you be reached for production needs?

Instagram/SnapChat- @DaKid0609


Shout to Kelly Taylor of for allowing us to use this awesome shot of Shedrick. Thanks Kelly!