Shedrick Williams is a drummer, songwriter, and producer originally from Central Islip, New York but has been in Raleigh, NC for the last 17 years. Shedrick currently play drums for Liquid Pleasure, Love Tribe, Julie McKnight, Jason Adamo Band and he is a freelance drummer in Raleigh and surrounding areas.  He has been drumming for 27 years and producing for 14 years.


Pocket ProTechTours: What got you into the world of production and recording?

 Shedrick Williams: I got involved with production for the opportunity to create and control the means by which I create music.


Pocket ProTechTours: What software and equipment do you use for your production?

 Shedrick Williams: I use Pro Tools and Logic for software, M-Audio interfaces, and I use a great deal of live drums, keyboards, and guitars in my production process because you can’t beat the feel and sound of real instruments.


Pocket ProTechTours: What genres do you produce or feel comfortable producing?

 Shedrick Williams: I deal mostly with R&B, and Hip-Hop, but I am also able to do Rock and Pop.


Pocket ProTechTours: How would you describe your approach to producing?

  Shedrick Williams:  I would describe my approach as bridging the gap between a dream and reality. The overall goal is to bring the music to life which people can feel and use relate to others.


Pocket ProTechTours: Do you currently have music available for purchase?

 Shedrick Williams:  I have an EP coming later this year titled “The Kitchen.” I chose that title because the kitchen is a place where you put together meals. I want to take a “taste” or a little bit of everything and try to blend it together underneath one umbrella. It will be a project that musicians, producers and everyone can enjoy.


Pocket ProTechTours: Who are your most admired producers and songwriters?

 Shedrick Williams:  I really don’t have a favorite because I appreciate the diversity and everyone’s unique sound. However, as a producer and a song writer you got to love Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson and Ray Charles.


Pocket ProTechTours: What is your advice for new and aspiring producers?

Shedrick Williams:  Learn to love the process. A lot of times we forget that when we are exposed to music, we are getting the completed vision and finished product. So when some individuals begin experimenting in the production world and the process or outcome is not what they expected, they tend to lose their way. If you learn to love the process, you will be motivated from the heart and passion of producing and the outcome will have less of an impact on how you view or treat the craft.

 Here are a few snippets of Shedrick's "Hero"- All Instruments and vocals done by Shedrick.

Pocket ProTechTours: How can you be reached for production needs?

Instagram/SnapChat- @DaKid0609


Shout to Kelly Taylor of for allowing us to use this awesome shot of Shedrick. Thanks Kelly!