Jordan Chapman - Personal Trainer

Jordan Chapman is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor at the Loray Athletic Club in Gastonia,NC, and he is a singer in a number of bands in Charlotte,NC.

Pocket ProTechTours: Do you sing or have any musical talents?

Jordan Chapman: Yes I sing and I am the lead singer for few bands in the Charlotte area. Skatepark (90’s Tribute), Kids in America (80’s Tribute), Carolinacation (Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute), Bright Lights (Matchbox 20 Tribute)

 Pocket ProTechTours: What kind of music do you listen to?

Jordan Chapman: I go through phases of just about everything from classic rock to modern alternative. However, my go-to genre is 90’s rock and grunge

Pocket ProTechTours: Most memorable Musical Performance you have ever been to?

Jordan Chapman: As far as shows I have been a part of, the first time Carolinication, the Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute band played the Fillmore underground was definitely memorable. The crowd was hype, we didn’t miss a beat, the energy was through the roof and it was the first time the Fillmore Underground had sold out.

If it had to be a performance that I have witnessed it would have be Slipknot. Going in, I was not a fan and did not know a single song, but I was totally blown away by the musicianship and the stage show. That would definitely be the most memorable, but seeing Pearl Jam last year is my favorite.

Pocket ProTechTours: What sparked your interest or got you involved personal training?

Jordan Chapman: I was an athlete growing up and I started working out around 14 or 15, but I aspired to be involved in the entertainment industry. After high school, I started floating around to all the major entertainment hubs like New York and Atlanta, and I was doing everything from acting, to modeling and singing. I noticed very quickly that the men in this business keep themselves in shape. So I started working out on a daily basis, and I got hooked to seeing the results of my body changing. Then, I wanted to teach others how to get themselves in shape and better their life.

Pocket ProTechTours: What are some of the most common mistakes or misconceptions you encounter with individuals in regard to fitness?

 Jordan Chapman: There are a lot of fads out there. The whole “get it quick” type of mentality is false. The most important aspect to improving your fitness is consistency. It takes hard work every day and improvements in both your diet and physical activity. You can’t just work out and eat crap, and you can’t eat well and not work out. You got to drink your water, rest and work out.

Pocket ProTechTours: What are some initial steps an individual can take to improve their fitness?

Jordan Chapman: I would say get moving even if it’s just walking and start stretching. Stretching is going to help your joint functioning and any pain. In addition, it is going to help prevent any injuries, especially if it has been a while since you have worked out. Most importantly, take everything slow and steady and add a little bit at a time. If you decide to get up and walk ten minutes one day, aim for 11 or 12 the next. Do not make an insane jump to 30 minutes, because it may cause you to burn out quickly. Your body adapts better to slow and steady changes.

Pocket ProTechTours: What are the benefits to having a consistent fitness regime?

Jordan Chapman: I always tell people longevity. I love hearing about or reading stories of someone still working out in their 80’s or 90’s. I want to be able to play with my grandkids.

Pocket ProTechTours: What services do you all offer for individuals?

Jordan Chapman: We offer:

General Membership

1-on-1 Personal Training

Small Group Training

Bootcamps for all Fitness Levels


Meal Plans


Jordan Chapman: 5 Everyday choices you can take to have a positive effect on your body.

1.  Drink Water

2.  Stretch Daily

3.  Develop positive eating habits. Less fried, portion

4.  Do what you Love. (Laughing, Live Music, Movies)

5.  Establish a fitness program and be consistent.


Websites/Social Media

Loray Athletic Club

Instagram- @lorayathleticclub

Jordan Chapman


Skatepark (90’s Tribute)

Instagram- @skatepark90sband


Kids in America (Totally 80’s Tribute)

Instagram- @kia_band


Carolinacation (Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute)

Instagram- @Carolinacationband


Star Broadus - Credit Specialist

Pocket ProTechTours Who are you and what do you do?

Star Broadus: My name is Star Broadus and I am a credit specialist and sales director for Financial Education Services


Pocket ProTechTours: Do you sing or have any musical talents?

Star Broadus: No


Pocket ProTechTours: What kind of music do you listen to?

Star Broadus: I listen to R&B and Jazz.


Pocket ProTechTours: Most memorable Musical Performance you have ever been to?

Star Broadus: It would have to be last year when I saw Fantasia Barrino and Anthony Hamilton.



Pocket ProTechTours: Who are some women that you look up to/inspire you?

Star Broadus: My mom and Oprah Winfrey



Pocket ProTechTours: What sparked your interest or got you involved in credit rebuilding/ financial education?

Star Broadus: I have always been interested in credit and when I saw an opportunity to make a career out of it and be able to help people at the same time it sparked my interest.



Pocket ProTechTours:What are some of the most common mistakes or misconceptions you encounter with individuals in regard to credit?

Star Broadus:

1.  Some people think if they have already been late on paying a bill(s), but they pay the debt off, that it clear their credit.

2.  The only way to improve your credit is to pay off debt.

3.  Assuming that a certain number is a strong credit score.

4.  Assuming that certain items cannot be removed off their credit report, like student loans, child support, or bankruptcies.



Pocket ProTechTours: What services do you all offer for individuals?

Star Broadus:

1.  Removal of negative items off of your credit report.

2.  Identity Theft Protection

3.  Inquiries to be removed from credit reports.

4.  Increase in credit score.


Pocket ProTechTours: What is the first step an individual should take to improve their financial health?

Star Broadus: I would recommend meeting with a credit specialist to go over their credit report. Therefore they are able to assess the next steps in improving the situation, because it varies for each individual.


Pocket ProTechTours: What are the benefits to having good credit history or a strong credit score?

Star Broadus:

1.  Lower interest rates on loans and credit cards

2.  More options when it comes to home or car buying.

3.  Lower car insurance premium, because that is affected by your credit score.

4.  Access to more buying power.


Pocket ProTechTours: Do you offer any services for those individuals who may not be located in the Charlotte or surrounding area?

Star Broadus: The services we offer are worldwide. We service all 50 states.  One does not have to live in the area that the agent lives in offering the service. Contact my email for more information.


5 Steps to Improve your Credit Today by Star Broadus

1.    Check your credit score

2.    Pay your bills on time.

3.    Settle any outstanding debt

4.    Contact creditors about any negative information on your report

5.    Keep your credit balances low.


Websites/Social Media

Instagram @StarBroadus



Pocket ProTechTours: Please tell us a little about yourself Arsena.

 Arsena Shroeder: My name is Arsena Shroeder, I go by the stage name Arsena. I am a full-time and independent recording artist and the owner of DearSoulMusicCo.


Pocket ProTechTours: What inspired you to get involved in music?

 Arsena Shroeder: I have always had a passion for music, but I did not get involved into the creative side until I was 19 years old.  A college friend asked me to write and sing parts for a song on his mix-tape and I fell in love with the writing and recording process.


 Pocket ProTechTours: How would you describe your musical style?

 Arsena Shroeder: I would say it’s a mixture of Soul and Folk


 Pocket ProTechTours: Who are some of your musical influences?

 Arsena Shroeder: When I first started out, I was influenced by Lauryn Hill’s MTV-Unplugged performance. I was moved by her solo acoustic set and the vulnerable lyrics that incorporated her spirituality and her faith which kind of pushed me along in the beginning. In addition, India Arie and her ability to make music that incorporated spirituality and acoustic instrumentation that was deemed commercially-viable. I have grown to love the vocal clarity of Jazz Bassist/Singer Esperanza Spalding and British artist Lianne La Havas who also has a Soul/Folk flavor.


 Pocket ProTechTours: Can you tell me a little more about the DearSoulMusicCo?

 Arsena Shroeder: DearSoulMusicCo is a new company that launched this year and was created from the motivation of helping musicians, songwriters and independent artists of all mediums improve the marketing aspect of their brand. We are in a day and age, with the advancement of technology; we see the music industry is changing. Artists are getting hip to the reality that substantial income isn't made from record sales and artists are now opting out of record deals and having to find new ways to sustain themselves. Dear Soul Music Co, supplies resources to aid artists in functioning independent of these labels.


 Pocket ProTechTours: What services do you all offer for artists?

 Arsena Shroeder: We currently offer 1 on 1 Artist Consultations, “Using Your Unique” DIY Artist Branding group sessions/workshop, and creating a platform for independent artists through the Unplugged and Live concert series. These are intimate and personal performance opportunities that allow songwriters to connect on a deeper level with the audience. The series began in the homes of artists and consumers but this year we have expanded to public venues in Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA & Austin, TX as well.


 Pocket ProTechTours: What made you want to get involved in the artist development and branding area?

 Arsena Shroeder: I saw the demand when I began receiving numerous requests from other independent artists that recognized my marketing strategies and wanted advice to improve theirs. I began to realize that concepts and practices that I considered second nature were not as common as I thought. My experiences in high school at Phillip O. Berry Academy allowed me to grasp and "DIY" a lot of the basic foundations needed for a well-branded business i.e. business cards, video & photo editing, graphic design, website, and more. My college experience also gave me tremendous experience working in businesses/firms that paired together with my creative eye gave me the ability to define and execute great marketing plans even now that I pass that work off to others.


 Pocket ProTechTours: do you feel branding is so important and how does it affect your success an artist?

 Arsena Shroeder: Branding is important because it is essentially packaging what you do in a marketable way that will attract or deter potential clients or fans. I have had individuals that never heard my music but hired or reached out to me based on the originality of my business cards or marketing materials. It shows that you are serious and plays a part in building a consistent following and fan base.


 Pocket ProTechTours: What are some of the most common mistakes you see for artists as it relates to creating a brand?

 Arsena Shroeder: 1. Artists not investing into high resolution photos. I tend to receive a lot of “selfies” and crowd shots from shows when artists send me material for the showcases. Most smart phones do take great pictures, but a high-resolution photo goes a long way as far as presentation.

 2. Not owning the “rights” to the photos. Be sure that when you do get professional photography work done, that you also get the rights to the photos to ensure you can use them commercially.

 3. Artists that do not mention their home market or where they are based when they are composing their bio. When I am scouting talent I have to do more digging than necessary to find out where the artist is based.


 Pocket ProTechTours: What advice do you have to new and upcoming artists?

 Arsena Shroeder: The same amount of time that you spend on your craft you should also spend on marketing and branding.  If you have your marketing infrastructure in tact at the beginning, it will save time and energy down the road. In some cases the business and marketing aspects of an artist may open a door before the talent or creative side comes to the spotlight.


 Pocket ProTechTours: What services do you offer for those individuals who may not be located in the Charlotte or surrounding area?

 Arsena Shroeder: Our One-on-One Artist Consultations are available through Skype, and for those artists and individuals based in or willing to travel to Atlanta, GA or Austin TX, our Unplugged and Live concert series.


 Pocket ProTechTours: Do you have any new projects or endeavors coming up in 2017?

 March 6-27 Using Your Unique DIY Branding Workshop

Kannapolis City Hall Monday nights 7-8

Must Register by Mar 1

March 3 The Gallery at South End- Charlotte, NC

Featuring Jason Jett and Nathan Storey

March 22 The Music Room-Atlanta, GA (Edgewood Speakeasy Stage)

April 26 The Vortex- Austin, TX


To find out more information about Arsena and DearSoulMusicCo Please visit 

or contact Arsena at email: 

Instagram and Twitter: @dearsoulmusicco